The perfect meringue

  • 1 A meringue consists of only 2 ingredients: egg whites and sugar. How to prepare the perfect meringue? Below you will find a few of our tips!
  • 2 Egg whites should be fresh and thoroughly separated from egg yolks. There must be no yolk residue in them! Egg whites should also be at room temperature.
  • 3 Fine sugar is the best.
  • 4 The dish in which you whisk the meringue should be clean and dry.
  • 5 To stabilise the meringue, add a pinch of salt at the beginning of whisking, when the whites foam slightly
  • 6 Start whisking by gradually increasing the speed of the mixer. Add sugar from the moment you whisk the whites to a slightly stiff foam. Increase the speed to maximum and add sugar. Add it gradually with a spoon. Add another portion after the previously added spoon has completely dissolved. At the end, the sugar should be completely dissolved in the meringue. You can check this by rubbing a little bit of mass between your fingers - there should be no sugar crystals.
  • 7 The finished, properly whisked meringue foam is stiff, shiny and thick, and the whisk leaves a mark on its surface. A properly whisked meringue will not spill when lying on a tray and will retain its shape.