The perfect short pastry

  • 1 We do not use margarine for short pastry – only butter. Butter should be cold – taken straight out of the fridge.
  • 2 If you want to make the pastry more crispy with its surface much smoother (e.g. for cookies), use powdered sugar instead of normal sugar. For crunchy short pastry, use thicker sugar.
  • 3 Wheat flour for short pastry should contain a small amount of gluten. Before mixing it with butter, always sift it through a sieve!
  • 4 It is worth adding a pinch of salt to the pastry. It will perfectly balance the taste and, in our opinion, should be always added – even in a minimal amount.
  • 5 Knead the short pastry as short as possible. However, start by chopping the butter (with added flour and sugar) using a knife. After adding yolks or eggs, quickly knead the dough to combine the ingredients! Do not knead the dough for too long or it will become hard after baking!
  • 6 Wrap the kneaded dough in food wrap and cool for about 45 minutes.
  • 7 Roll the cooled dough between two sheets of baking paper or food wrap without sprinkling with flour.
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