Cracow Manufacture of Delicacies

We invite you to Gellwe Cracow Manufacture of Delicacies, where culinary masters develop and test unique recipes for hours, so that you can enjoy the pleasure of tasting them after only a few moments. Perfect proportions and good ingredients are our most valuable asset.

 Cracow Manufacture of Delicacies

We select, analyse and taste all of our raw products individually in order to guarantee their high quality. For more than 30 years, Gellwe's products serve as the proof of our hard work, experience and great passion for delicious food.

Gellwe – your pleasure!

Naturally Delicious
Naturally Delicious

“Naturally Delicious!” is the new line of products developed in cooperation with the renowned culinary authority Magda Gessler.

The recipes are rich in Good Ingredients, and, as a result of their perfect proportions, bakery and desserts are always successful, so you can save your valuable time!

See for yourself!
“I put all my heart into this project.
Naturally, I recommend it.”
Magda Gessler
  • no preservatives
  • no emulsifiers
  • no sweeteners
  • no flavour enhancers